• expressionPad.

    A continuous, multi-touch musical instrument.
    coming soon.

A flexible sampler, synth, and controller for iOS.

Continuous multi-touch support means you can control pitch bend, dynamics, and modulation with each touch, even as you change notes.

Connect to your favorite music apps via CoreMIDI or use the built-in sampler/synth to explore your music ideas your way.

Expressive control, expressive sound.

expressionPad channels your talent into your music.

Play your favorite music apps.

Connect to Logic and Reason on your laptop. Or use GarageBand, FL Studio, iDS-10 and others on your iOS device.

Tune it your way.

Tune expressionPad like a guitar, or in fourths, fifths, and other tunings.

Built-in sampler.

More than a dozen other acoustic instruments ranging from guitar to woodwinds.

Flexible additive synthesizer.

Offering infinite configurable possibilities, including frequency modulation, LFOs, and effects.

Begone, crappy touch pianos.

If you can type, you can play more interesting, complicated, and faster melodies and sequences on expressionPad.

Unparalleled pitch expression.

Slide your fingers and vibrate them for the perfect vibrato.


Just some of the ways expressionPad can be configured and used.

expressionPad is available now for iPad and iPhone.
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